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Gym Equipments


1. Joe Smeck
Head Coach and Owner of Ludus Performance

2. Adam Goldstein
Coach and Co-Owner of Ludus Performance

3. Beverly Jimenez

4. Chris Miller

5. Elliot Tas



"The team of trainers at Ludus TRULY care about their clients well being. Beverly is so patient and kind. She has helped me realize that this isn't a race, and I am not competing with others. I am learning how become stronger and take care of my body, the right way. It is an added bonus that I will gain a booty in the process. 


We all deserve to be healthy and happy, but many people, like myself, aren't able to get there on their own. Coaches like Beverly transform your mind, body and soul!  


And LUDUS PERFORMANCE GYM IS THE REAL DEAL. About four years ago I began 

my weight loss/healthier me journey. I lost a great deal of weight, but I was constantly struggling with injury after injury. It wasn't until I began training at Ludus that I discovered I was never properly taught how to use my body. 


Let the team of Ludus Performance help you get where you are meant to be. You deserve it!" 

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