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Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris

Sia Snowman S

It takes a songwriter who is truly at the top of their craft to pen an immediately timeless Christmas tune about a melting snowman that is also explicitly a prequel to her own song about addiction, but that songwriter also has to have a penchant for weirdness to even think of such a thing.

Sia Snowman S

The dancer is an animated snowman. The snowman is made of three large white snowballs, each being smaller in an ascending order. The upper ball has two large stones, a pebble and a carrot for its face, with a red and white Christmas cap on its head. The middle ball has a large jagged rock on its chest, a pebble below the jagged rock and two sticks for its arms. The lower ball only has a jagged rock, with more sharpened edges. The right tip of its branch limb is lime green and it has a purple faded outline.

Don't cry snowman, not in front of meWho will catch your tears if you can't catch me?DarlingIf you can't catch meDarlingDon't cry snowman, don't leave me this wayA puddle of water can't hold me closeBabyCan't hold me closeBaby 041b061a72


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