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Mujeres Al Borde De Un Ataque De Nervios Torrent

Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios: A Classic Spanish Comedy

Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown) is a 1988 Spanish black comedy film written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar, starring Carmen Maura and Antonio Banderas. The film brought Almodóvar to widespread international attention: it was nominated for the 1988 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and won five Goya Awards including Best Film and Best Actress in a Leading Role for Maura. It debuted at the 45th International Venice Film Festival and was released on 11 November 1988.

Plot Summary

The film follows the chaotic events that take place in the life of Pepa Marcos, a television actress who is depressed because her boyfriend Iván, a voice actor, has left her. She tries to contact him to tell him that she is pregnant, but he avoids her calls and messages. Meanwhile, she receives frantic messages from her friend Candela, who has unknowingly become involved with a Shiite terrorist cell. Pepa's penthouse apartment becomes the scene of a series of comic mishaps, as she encounters various eccentric characters, including Iván's son Carlos and his snobbish fiancée Marisa, who are looking for an apartment; Iván's ex-wife Lucía, who has escaped from a mental institution and wants to kill him; Paulina, a feminist lawyer who is having an affair with Iván; and a taxi driver who is obsessed with mambo music. The film culminates in a chase to the airport, where Pepa finally confronts Iván and decides to let him go.

mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios torrent

Themes and Style

The film is a satire of the melodramas and soap operas that Almodóvar grew up watching, as well as a homage to the Hollywood classics that influenced his cinematic style. The title refers to an ataque de nervios (attack of the nerves), a culture-bound psychological phenomenon that affects mostly women in Latin America and Spain, characterized by an outburst of negative emotions, bodily gestures, and fainting. The film portrays the female characters as strong, independent, and resilient, while the male characters are mostly absent, unfaithful, or ineffectual. The film also explores the themes of communication, identity, sexuality, and gender roles in modern Spanish society.

The film is known for its colorful and vibrant aesthetic, featuring bright costumes, sets, and props that contrast with the dark humor of the plot. The film also makes use of intertextuality, as it references and parodies various films and genres, such as Johnny Guitar (1954), All About Eve (1950), horror movies, musicals, and Hitchcock thrillers. The film also incorporates elements of surrealism and absurdism, such as a spiked gazpacho that causes people to fall asleep, a burning bed that flies out of the window, and a telephone that keeps ringing after being thrown away.

Reception and Legacy

The film was a critical and commercial success in Spain and abroad. It received positive reviews from critics, who praised its witty script, energetic direction, and brilliant performances. It also became one of Almodóvar's most popular films among audiences, earning over $7 million in the US and Canada. The film established Almodóvar as one of the most influential and original filmmakers of his generation, and cemented his reputation as a master of black comedy and female-centered stories. The film also launched the careers of some of its actors, such as Antonio Banderas, who went on to become an international star.

The film has been recognized as one of the best Spanish films of all time by various polls and publications. It was ranked 11th on the list of the 100 Best Films of Spanish Cinema by El Mundo, 15th on the list of the 150 Essential Films by El País, and 17th on the list of the Best 100 Spanish Films by ABC. It was also included in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. The film has also inspired several adaptations and homages in other media, such as a musical stage version in London's West End in 2010, an American remake titled Women on the Verge in 2014, and a television series titled Mujeres in 2006.

If you are interested in watching this classic Spanish comedy, you can find it online by searching for "mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios torrent". However, we recommend that you support the original creators and distributors by purchasing or renting the film legally from authorized sources.


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