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Indumathi Novels Pdf Free 24

Indumathi Novels Pdf Free 24

Indumathi is a popular Tamil writer who has written nearly a hundred books, including novels, short stories, and nonfiction. She is known for her gripping plots, realistic characters, and social themes. Her novels have been adapted into television serials, such as Tharaiyil Irangum Vimaanangal, Shakthi, Nee, Naan, Aval, and Ganga Yamuna Saraswathi. She has also won several awards and recognition for her literary works.


If you are looking for Indumathi novels pdf free 24, you might be interested in some of her best-selling books that are available online for free download. Here are some of them:

  • Tharaiyil Irangum Vimaanangal: This novel is about a group of women who work in a software company called S.I.E.T. They face various challenges and problems in their personal and professional lives, such as love, marriage, divorce, harassment, corruption, and competition. The novel explores the themes of feminism, empowerment, friendship, and loyalty. It was translated into English as S.I.E.T and has been assigned as a supplementary program in colleges.

  • Veenaiyil Urangum Raagangal: This novel is about a young woman named Anjali who is passionate about music. She joins a music academy where she meets Arun, a talented singer and composer. They fall in love and get married, but their happiness is short-lived as Arun dies in an accident. Anjali struggles to cope with her loss and finds solace in music. She decides to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and faces many obstacles and opportunities along the way.

  • Malargalile Aval Malligai: This novel is about a woman named Mallika who is married to Rajesh, a wealthy businessman. She lives a luxurious life but feels lonely and unhappy. She meets Karthik, a journalist who is investigating Rajesh's illegal activities. They develop a friendship that turns into love. Mallika has to choose between her husband and her lover, and face the consequences of her decision.

You can download these novels and more from the following websites:



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Tamil Books PDF

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Tamil Ebooks

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We hope you enjoy reading Indumathi novels pdf free 24 and discover more of her amazing stories.


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