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Dialog Naskah Drama Legenda Dalam Bahasa Inggris 6 Orang

Dialog Naskah Drama Legenda Dalam Bahasa Inggris 6 Orang

Dialog Naskah Drama Legenda Dalam Bahasa Inggris 6 Orang

Legenda adalah cerita rakyat yang mengandung unsur sejarah, kepercayaan, dan khayalan. Legenda biasanya berasal dari suatu daerah dan berkaitan dengan asal-usul, kejadian, atau tokoh yang penting bagi masyarakat setempat. Legenda seringkali ditampilkan dalam bentuk drama, yaitu suatu karya sastra yang ditulis untuk dipentaskan oleh para aktor. Drama legenda dapat menjadi sarana untuk melestarikan budaya, menghibur penonton, dan menyampaikan pesan moral.

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Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog naskah drama legenda dalam bahasa Inggris untuk 6 orang. Naskah drama ini diadaptasi dari legenda Jawa Barat tentang asal mula terbentuknya Telaga Warna (The Lake of Color). Telaga Warna adalah sebuah danau yang memiliki warna-warni yang indah karena adanya refleksi cahaya dari tanaman dan mineral di dasarnya. Legenda ini menceritakan tentang seorang putri yang sombong dan durhaka kepada orang tuanya.

The Lake of Color


  • King: the ruler of a kingdom in West Java

  • Queen: the wife of the king and the mother of the princess

  • Princess: the only daughter of the king and the queen

  • Old Man: a wise man who advises the king

  • Prince: a handsome prince from another kingdom who wants to marry the princess

  • Messenger: a servant who delivers messages

Scene 1: In the palace

(The king and the queen are sitting on their thrones. The old man is standing beside them.)

Old Man: Your Majesty, I have a suggestion for you.

King: What is it, old man?

Old Man: I suggest you adopt a child. You have no heir to inherit your throne when you grow old.

King: I don't agree with your suggestion. I want my own child, not an adopted one.

Queen: I agree with my husband. We have been praying to God for a child for so long. We still have hope.

Old Man: But Your Majesty, time is running out. You are not young anymore. What if God doesn't grant your wish?

King: Then we will accept our fate. But we will never give up our hope.

(The messenger enters the room.)

Messenger: Your Majesty, there is a visitor who wants to see you.

King: Who is he?

Messenger: He is a prince from another kingdom. He says he has an important matter to discuss with you.

King: Let him in.

(The messenger leaves and returns with the prince.)

Messenger: Your Majesty, this is the prince.

(The prince bows to the king and the queen.)

King: Welcome, Prince Rama. What brings you to our kingdom?

Prince: Thank you, Your Majesty. I come here with a sincere intention. I want to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage.

King: My daughter? But I don't have a daughter.

Prince: You don't have a daughter? But I heard that you have a beautiful and charming princess.

Queen: That is true, Prince Rama. We do have a daughter, but she is not our biological child. She is a gift from God.

Prince: A gift from God? How is that possible?

Queen: Let me tell you the story, Prince Rama. A few years ago, we were very sad because we had no child. We prayed to God every day and night, asking for a miracle. One day, we heard a voice from the sky, saying that God had heard our prayers and granted our wish. He said that he would send us a child, but with one condition. We must never look at her face until she was 18 years old.

Prince: That is a strange condition. Why did God say that?

Queen: We don't know, Prince Rama. We just obeyed his command. He said that if we broke the condition, something terrible would happen to us and our kingdom.

Prince: I see. So you never saw your daughter's face?

Queen: No, Prince Rama. We never saw her face. We kept her in a secluded room in the palace, where no one could see her. We only communicated with her through a small window. We gave her everything she wanted, but we never showed her our love.

Prince: That is very sad, Your Majesty. How old is she now?

Queen: She is 18 years old today, Prince Rama.

Prince: Today? Then today is the day you can finally see her face.

King: Yes, Prince Rama. Today is the day we can finally see our daughter's face. We are very excited and nervous at the same time.

Prince: Can I join you, Your Majesty? I want to see her face too.

Prince: I want to marry your daughter because I love her, Your Majesty.

King: You love her? How can you love someone you have never seen or met?

Prince: I love her because of her voice, Your Majesty. I heard her voice when I passed by your palace one day. She was singing a beautiful song that touched my heart. I was enchanted by her voice and wanted to know more about her. I asked your messenger who she was and he told me she was your daughter. He also told me about the condition that you must never look at her face until she was 18 years old. I felt sorry for her and wanted to make her happy. I decided to wait for her until the day you could see her face. I hoped that she would love me too.

King: That is a very noble and romantic reason, Prince Rama. You have a good heart and a brave soul. I admire your patience and loyalty. But I have to warn you, Prince Rama. You may be disappointed when you see her face. She may not be as beautiful as you imagine.

Prince: It doesn't matter to me, Your Majesty. Beauty is not everything. Beauty fades away, but love lasts forever. I love her for who she is, not for what she looks like.

King: You are very wise, Prince Rama. You have passed my test. I was testing your sincerity and honesty. I am glad that you are not a shallow or greedy person who only cares about appearance or wealth. You are worthy of my daughter's hand in marriage.

Prince: Thank you, Your Majesty. You are very kind and generous. I am honored to have your blessing.

Queen: We are happy for you too, Prince Rama. We hope that our daughter will love you as much as you love her.

Old Man: Your Majesty, it is time to see your daughter's face.

King: Yes, old man. It is time to see our daughter's face. Let us go to her room now.

Scene 2: In the princess's room

(The princess's room is dark and gloomy. There is a large curtain that covers the window. The princess is sitting on a bed, wearing a veil that covers her face. She hears a knock on the door.)

Princess: Who is it?

King: It is us, your parents.

Princess: What do you want?

Queen: We want to see you, my child.

Princess: Why do you want to see me? You never cared about me. You never loved me. You never treated me like your daughter.

King: That is not true, my child. We do care about you. We do love you. We do treat you like our daughter.

Princess: Then why did you lock me up in this room? Why did you isolate me from the world? Why did you hide me from everyone?

Queen: We did it for your own good, my child. We did it because God told us to do so.

Princess: God told you to do so? What kind of God is that? A cruel and unjust God who made me suffer for no reason.

Old Man: No, my child. God is not cruel or unjust. God is kind and merciful. He gave you a gift, a special gift that no one else has.

Princess: A gift? What gift?

Old Man: The gift of beauty, my child. You are the most beautiful girl in the world.

Princess: How do you know that? Have you seen my face?

Old Man: No, my child. I have not seen your face. But I can feel your beauty. Your beauty radiates from your soul.

Princess: That is nonsense. How can you feel my beauty if you have not seen my face? How can I be beautiful if I have never seen myself?

Prince: You are beautiful, my princess. I know it because I love you.

Princess: Who are you? Where are you?

Prince: I am Prince Rama, my princess. I am here with your parents and the old man. I came to ask for your hand in marriage.

Princess: You want to marry me? But you don't even know me. You don't even know what I look like.

Prince: I don't need to know what you look like, my princess. I love you for who you are, not for what you look like. I love you for your voice, your song, your soul.

Princess: You love me for my voice, my song, my soul? How can you love something that is not real? My voice is not my voice. My song is not my song. My soul is not my soul. They are all lies, lies that I made up to escape from this prison.

Prince: What do you mean, my princess? What lies are you talking about?

Princess: I mean that everything you heard from me was a fake, a deception, a trick. I never sang a song from my heart. I only sang a song from a book. A book that I found in this room. A book that tells stories of love and happiness. Stories that I never experienced. Stories that I only dreamed of.

Prince: But why did you do that, my princess? Why did you lie to me?

Princess: I did it because I was bored, lonely, and angry. I was bored of living in this room. I was lonely of having no friends. I was angry of being treated like a curse. I wanted to have some fun, some company, some revenge. I wanted to make someone fall in love with me and then break his heart.

Prince: You wanted to break my heart?

Princess: Yes, I wanted to break your heart. I wanted to make you suffer as much as I suffered. I wanted to make you feel the pain of being betrayed by someone you love.


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