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Wesley Harris

GTA San Andreas Sound Fix Mod -

i have issues with the sound as well. could it be the new 3d rendering engine? if i'm in a car and i turn on a radio with no sound, the audio randomly goes up and down for no reason. a few times i've gotten stuck in one spot for five minutes because of this.

gta san andreas sound fix


and that's another thing. i'm getting a lot of sudden deafness. i'm a member of the hearing loss association of america. i've been diagnosed with and have had my hearing tested (pure-tone audiometry for hearing sensitivity for at frequencies of 250hz to 8000hz), and tinnitus. i live in montana and i'm working at a radio station in glasgow, mt. i have hearing aids (on/off, on, and off). the only problem is that hearing aids don't work when you're playing grand theft auto, and if i start playing car stereos, one ear will get good/bad, ear sound syndrome.

it's a long shot, but perhaps rockstar created grand theft auto in response to the mid-2000s-genervousness and tame storylines of the real-life grand theft auto games that followed the early '90s release. a lot of the modern games carry a theme of casual, over-the-top, and often violent (sometimes disturbing) fiction - something that gtaiii and gta san andreas set out to defy. they certainly don't hide any of their most violent, grungiest moments, but they have become a famous target for censorship by local authorities. a lot of the content has since been toned down for the releases of gta v (2010) and iv (2008). the more streamlined and less violent storyline holds a heavy influence over the games' design; think the oa's murder scene and the aftermath of a quiet place; and take a lesson from disaster movies which have a narrative arc that rarely has catastrophic, plot-halting spoilers for the audience!


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