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Who Buys Used Cameras

Finally, selling our used cameras and photography great is good for the planet. Reusing equipment and letting it have a second or third life helps reduce the amount of new cameras that need to be manufactured.

who buys used cameras


In order to get that used equipment inventory, B&H buys used photography gear from photographers. The process is very similar to KEH and MPB. You can get a free no obligation quote via their website, although you do have to provide an e-mail address.

If you are in the UK, then you are likely familiar with WEX Photo Video, who are one of the largest photography equipment retailers in the country. They have a large used selection of camera equipment, and offer the option for photographers to sell them their used gear.

WEX also promises to price match, so if you find a better quote somewhere else, like MPB UK, they will match it. So if you are in the UK, this is definitely one to strongly consider for selling your used camera.

The main advantage is that you can set the price for your product yourself, so there is a possibility that you will be able to get more money for your used camera equipment compared to selling via somewhere like MPB or KEH.

Looking at listings for the Canon EOS 6D on eBay, they currently go at a range from $315 at the low end through to around $550 for one in excellent condition. So this is marginally higher than selling to a specialist used camera store.

eBay is also a good option to consider for those who lives in parts of the world which do not have a lot of physical or online photography retailers. While people in some countries like the US, UK, and Europe may have a lot of different options for where they can sell used cameras, there are more limited options for regions of South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

MPB is similar to KEH in that they specialize in selling used photography equipment, but they have a wider remit, covering the USA, Europe, and the UK. They also sell video equipment and related accessories like bags, tripod and filters. Their equipment comes from photographers who are looking to sell used camera gear.

Many local photography stores will also purchase your camera equipment, and this can also be a good way to get your gear appraised for quality. In some countries like Japan, this is going to be your best way to sell your used gear unless you want to sell it peer-to-peer.

As you will have noticed from this guide, there are two main ways to sell used camera equipment. First, you can either sell it to a business, who will pay you up front and handle the resale via their own store. Alternatively, you can sell it directly to a consumer.

For older items, you might consider if they might be useful as display items. For example, I have a few old film cameras that are just not worth much. Your best options there may to be able to sell or donate them for display purposes. For example, some shops like to use old film cameras for display purposes. A local museum may also be interested in having it.

So, without further delay, here is our list of the top six (in alphabetical order) places to look at when seeking out your next piece of gear. Obviously, all these places offer gear well beyond just cameras and lenses too!

As far as digital cameras and lenses, its used department is my favorite of anyone on this list. Adorama has tons of used gear available at any given time, with new gear being added every day. Best of all, it has very, very good prices with some unbeatable deals popping up now and then.

We likely all know B&H Photo Video. It is almost certainly the largest photo and video retailer in the United States, if not the world. While most of its seemingly endless options of products and brands are new stock, it does have a decent used department.

Like purchasing new items from B&H, used gear will still come with the same quality customer service and free expedited delivery over $49. Used equipment may be returned for any reason within 30 days and carries a three-month parts and labor warranty.

eBay is where you stand to get the best possible price and have the largest variety of options at any given time for any given item. For some items, namely vintage lenses, cameras, and accessories as well as rare or niche items, eBay may be the only place where you stand a chance to find what you are looking for.

MPB is probably the least well-known on this list, but it has grown quite a lot during the COVID-19 era and are absolutely worth a look. Not unlike the others on this list (except eBay), MPB purchases and resells used camera gear after thoroughly inspecting and testing the equipment. With two offices in the UK and one in Brooklyn, New York, MPB serves even more markets than several others on this list, and in April of this year, it acquired Series D funding of $69 million to expand to other markets.

The two best things about MPB are its massive catalog of available products and its very good prices. For example, at the time of writing there are twenty Nikon Z6 (starting at $1059), thirty-four Canon 5D Mark IV (starting at $1959), and twenty-seven Sony a7R Mark III (starting at $1889) cameras available to purchase. I do not know of anywhere else, except eBay, with that kind of inventory.

Those in the photography industry for quite some time will recognize KEH Camera, both for their presence at photography trade shows and industry events, as well as frequent referrals from professional photographers. KEH remains a remarkable marketplace to sell used gear, as their quotes are fair, and the process is simple.

Camera gear very frequently finds its way to OfferUp, and many photographers peruse that platform when looking for used gear. OfferUp does very little regarding the sale itself, it simply offers an easy-to-use system to upload photos, set your price, and find buyers! You then decide whether you are willing to only sell locally or if shipping is an option, and take it from there.

Also wedging itself between eBay and OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace takes advantage of the massive and widely spread platform. Where Facebook was once used to just connect with family and friends you know, this social media has now encouraged interaction among thousands of strangers through the inclusion of groups, pages, and now a marketplace.

With a name like GearFocus, you know exactly what this shop is about. GearFocus is a marketplace for photographers to sell their used equipment, great for those looking to list their equipment on a website that is dedicated to these particular products. The potential buyers that visit GearFocus are specifically looking for equipment, rather than the more general population of eBay, OfferUp, and Facebook.

There are plenty of different options to sell camera gear without managing a listing yourself. Some of them are designed specifically for used gear. Others are large camera shops that also sell new gear.Either way, having multiple options can help you compare prices and find the easiest solution for selling your gear.

After KEH receive your gear, you can get paid by Paypal or check, or alternatively trade it in for one of their 60,000 items of second-hand cameras, lenses or accessories. In my experience, KEH offers the best camera trade-in program.

If there are no images of the item for sale, or the seller has used stock images, ask for real images of the product. With cameras and lenses, ask for images from every angle including a close up of the sensor, rear screen and the front and rear elements of the lens.

We have a long established history of buying used gear from our clients or facilitating trade-ins as a convenient way to upgrade to the latest equipment or free up unwanted gear. We love pre-loved gear! This is a great way to update your gear as new cameras and equipment is released and creates a wonderful cycle for the next owner to gain access to new pre-loved equipment.

Hey there camera buffs!Let us help you spend more time behind the lens vs. listing and managing ads to sell your camera gear. You can sell your old cameras, lenses and other camera equipment to KEH Camera for cash.

Bring that old box of camera gear and we'll make sure you get the most out of it. For those with larger camera collections we can sell your items on consignment, freeing up valuable mental and physical space. Everything we buy is refurbished and sold again, no need to worry about your items going in a trash bin. Our customers are dedicated and enthusiastic photographers who cherish the cameras they buy from us. You can trust that your old gear will get a new life, a lovely one even. If your items are simply getting in the way and you need them out we also accept donations.

Hello, I have some vintage cameras I have had just sitting around, I been doing a little research on them, super interesting! Was wondering maybe you can help me getting a value on them ? I have a Exakta vx jhagee dresden , also another is the same but model vx11a, both with lenses and excellent condition. I have couple other cameras as well but thought I start with those two. If you can help out that be great or if you may have interest in purchasing. Thank you ,McKell

MPB is a camera store where you can sell your used gear online for cash or take it as trade to buy different pieces of used gear on the platform. There is a wide selection of cameras, lenses, flashes, filters, tripod and camera bags.

Grid50 is a marketplace with a focus on photography and videography. This site lists all kinds of cameras and related gear and anyone can list gear for sale like eBay or other selling platforms.

Park Camera started as a camera shop in 1971 and over the years they have developed a well deserved reputation with professional photographers. In 2008, the company created a new bespoke showroom and started to list high quality used gear.

We can either buy your gear outright or trade it for a credit towards something else in our store. Our customers come from near and far to sell us their cameras, lenses and accessories; and over the years we have acquired a lot of really cool stuff. We always pay competitively for quality, sought-after used gear, so be sure to stop by our store first when considering selling your old equipment. 041b061a72


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