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Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris

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in both corporations and countries, all of us need to have a sustainable mindset of creative destruction. only by constantly renewing our workforce can we continue to grow, satisfy consumers and maintain our competitive edge. creativity requires us to constantly develop new ideas and new solutions to solve our problems. competition requires us to constantly reinvent ourselves, to exploit new technologies, to constantly improve our service, and to search constantly for ways to satisfy customers better. this is exactly what these suits represent. they are one-time deals, that will never happen again. but, theyre also emblematic of the future, a future, that we can all live in.

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the work is one that, if done correctly, can easily generate a good income. whether you like it or not, if you are in the back of a car and someone kicks you, you are going to be hurt. you have to be willing to take the risk. its a business and those that are willing to risk making money have a better chance of getting a raise in the short term, and often getting a steady paycheck in the long term. there are a variety of different ideas you can use for your writing."


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