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Buy Tampons Wholesale !!LINK!!

Most high-street tampons are made from a blend of GMO Cotton, rayon, and potentially harmful chemical additives. For more details on why organic cotton is better, see our pages Why Organic, and Our Mission.

buy tampons wholesale

In March 2022 Heathrow Airport, Hey Girls and Mitie formed a partnership to provide colleagues with free 100% organic, sustainable and chemical free tampons and pads in colleague bathrooms which was met with great feedback from staff.

These economical Feminine Hygiene products are bulk-packed and priced for use by hospitals, emergency and homeless shelters, transitional housing facilities, correctional and detention centers, state and federal prisons, and other institutions. We supply a variety of personal care products for women, including tampons, maxi-pads, sanitary napkins, and pantiliners.

However, feminine hygiene products are one of those items that you can save money on by buying in bulk online. Here at Bulk Buys, we offer wholesale feminine hygiene supplies & pads in Australia. We stock a huge range of sanitary pads, liners, and tampons in a range of sizes. Save up to 30% off regular retail prices with the added convenience of having these products delivered straight to your door.

Tampons are one of the basic hygiene products for sale for women to keep safe and comfortable during periods. As one of the professional organic sanitary tampon manufacturers in China, Winner medical possesses medical-grade workshops to produce wholesale organic tampons. We are committed to providing the most natural, safe, and eco-friendly bulk organic tampons solutions for brand OEM inquiries.

Before you invest your money into the tampon industry, it is important to make an initial business plan to lay a solid foundation for the future business. Not only do you need to obtain the related certificates to manufacture sanitary tampons, but you also have to consider the general manufacturing costs of the tampon napkin in accordance with your target market. In addition, if you do not have your own formulation of producing sanitary tampons, then you will have to purchase the existing formulations or develop a unique production way with the help of professionals. And this cost can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. As one of the top tampon manufacturers in China, Winner PurCotton has already helped lots of enterprises in producing their own natural cotton tampons businesses. Having a professional R&D team, we can help you to make tampon business plans that suit your needs the most.

Cotton is one of the most important raw materials for making high-quality sanitary tampons. The choice of natural cotton can directly influence the user experience of tampon napkins. Different from many tampon manufacturers, Winner PurCotton will only use 100 percent cotton fabric to produce our tampon products. Thus, in comparison with many bulk organic tampons on the current market, the natural cotton tampons produced by Winner are not only famous for their absorption ability but also well-known for their eco-friendly features. In addition to the choice over raw tampon material, it is also important for start-ups to choose the right sanitary tampon manufacturing and packaging machines and hire the right manpower to operate these machines. That is definitely a daunting and expensive task. If you do not wish to go through this process, then you can come to us for help. Having obtained various certificates for producing organic tampons with applicators, PurCotton has various medical-grade workshops at your service.

After your settle down all the equipment and formulation you need to make cotton tampons, you will then need to define your brand and make sure your brand value is well expressed through your products. Providing professional OEM services, Winner PurCotton can customize the packaging of your sanitary tampons in line with your brand needs. Just feel free to contact us for more info! Let us be the stepping-stone of your tampon business!

Organic tampons have organic certification for the final product. That is to say, from cotton seeds, planting, and processing to the production process, process, environment, related materials (such as catheters, cotton threads, etc.) and even packaging of cotton sliver factories, all must meet the highest standards of non-toxic organic substances. The safety of this product is undoubtedly the highest (including non-allergenic, non-toxic materials and other characteristics). Of course, it is also relatively high in terms of price.

Without a doubt, we recommend organic tampons. While it might cost you a little more each month, the long-term health payoff will undoubtedly be more substantial. Moreover, the natural ingredients can also be decomposed naturally, without polluting to the environment.

We aim to send out all orders within 24-48 hours of orders being placed and paid unless it is a busy period please allow an additional 7-10 working days. We always aim to keep our stock systems up to date however on some rare occurrences some items may be out of stock. A member of Customer Services will get in touch if there are any issue with your order. If you need to check the availability of items please email or call 0116 2544 988 Option 1, or make a note in the notes section when processing your order.

If your order is urgent, please email or call 0116 2544 988 Option 1 and we will do our best to accommodate delivery requirements. Specific delivery times and weekend deliveries are available however we cannot guarantee these services.

Please note tracking is not available on pallet deliveries or private courier options. We can of course provide guidance please email with your order number for more information.

At this time we are not taking on any new direct customers. To purchase our wholesale feminine products please reach out to one of our distributors UNFI or Frontier. For pharmacies reach out to Cardinal Health. They each have amazing customer service agents that will assist you once you have submitted an application for review. They have different terms and conditions that are listed on their website for bulk feminine hygiene products.

Our tampons are produced by a factory in Slovenia, Europe. (I went on a trip there to visit the factory and discovered how absolutely beautiful that country is, seriously, google Lake Bled.) The manufacturer is one of the largest in Europe and supplies many, many brands you would recognise. The organic cotton is grown nearby in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Our tampons are made of ingredients you can actually pronounce, like 100% organic cotton. No mystery ingredients. A soft outer layer + an absorbent and leak-proof inner layer = the best tampons ever.

Headlines about a tampon shortage started appearing in early summer 2022, when TheWall Street Journal reported that 7% of tampons were out of stock nationwide. Across the US in particular, shoppers looking for their preferred brand, or any brand at all, were greeted with empty store shelves.

Even when not accounting for a tampon shortage, period products have gotten pricier. According to a report from Bloomberg, citing NielsenIQ, the average price for a box of tampons rose 9.8% in the year leading up to May 28. For pads, the increase was 8.3%.

"My first time with the cup was an absolute breeze, I had watched the video on the website and read the instructions. I wear the large cup on my first two days, then the smaller one for the other days. Starting with the cup has prompted me to become a completely waste free period person! This is a huge thing for me. I'm totally converted and couldn't imagine using tampons again."

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