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Project Cars Go: A Mobile Racing Game with Realistic Graphics and Physics

You will find a large number of different locations with smooth and smooth tracks for Formula 1, drag races and races on cool sports cars. There are also many off-road routes where you can create real madness on four-wheel drive SUVs. After each successful race, you will have the opportunity to improve the characteristics, change the appearance of your car or buy a new one. For each type of race, there are many cars that are radically different in characteristics, all of them are divided into categories.

Physics in the game is implemented at the highest level, from which every acceleration, braking, collision and all the races in the turns can be felt through your device. Models of sports cars are drawn to the smallest detail, in addition, the characteristics and behavior on the road of each of them are identical to real indicators. Show your driving skills and feel like a real professional, fighting for leadership in the global ranking.

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Project Cars Go is a racing game developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Gamevil. This mobile game will soon be available for downloads on Android and iOS devices. Download Project Cars Go and enter this intense competition!

& lt;p & gt; Experience the thrill of racing in PROJECT CARS GO with ONE-TOUCH racing gameplay optimized for mobile devices. Compete around the world on the most famous race tracks and drag tracks and compete for glory at the finish line. Drive through the blind turns of Brands Hatch, the long straight and challenging chicanes of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, and the dizzying spin of the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. Compete in drag racing around famous landmarks around the world and ride the streets of Las Vegas, Long Beach, Singapore and other cities. Top up your best car collection with all your favorite racing cars and brands. Personalize your cars with different colors, patterns, and colors.

Here in Project CARS GO, Android gamers will have their chances to get on some of the most powerful cars on the planets. Feel free to collect and take them out for a test drive whenever you want. Enjoy epic driving experiences with your classic car models or experience the incredible thrills when going at max speed on the top vehicles. Test out your skills on many special vehicles and enjoy the awesome mobile title of Project CARS GO to the fullest.

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Just like with CSR Racing 2 and Asphalt Nitro, you can now enjoy playing with many customizable features in Project CARS GO. Have fun customizing and tuning your favorite vehicles in many ways to enable their unique looks and optimized performances. Explore the awesome rides with your specially colored and patterned cars. Get creative with your fun and interesting painting options. Enable the unique vehicles and have them looking completely insane with new body parts.

Here in Project CARS GO, Android gamers can truly enjoy their epic thrills and excitements when riding on the streets, thanks to the incredible 3D graphics from the game. Feel free to engage yourself in the awesome mobile title and have absolute fun with its beautiful maps, awesome cars, and incredible visual effects. And at the same time, the optimized visuals will make sure that you can enjoy the smooth and satisfying game on any of your mobile devices.

If you forgot about Project CARS GO, you're not the only one. The game was announced back in 2018, but it has taken this long to get a release date: March 23. At that time, you'll be able to download the casual racing title on Android and iOS devices, giving you a way to play when away from your console or PC.

Project CARS GO promises one-touch gameplay that has been optimized for smartphones and tablets. Players will be able to collect elite cars, drag race around landmarks across the globe, and drive through a variety of challenging environments set at various raceways.

As well, the mobile game will allow players to personalize their cars, including mixing unique paint colors, as well as upgrading the vehicles using mods and parts for custom tuning. Rounding out the game will be various game modes like Daily and Manufacturer Invitationals, as well as a World Tour.

The Project CARS GO CBT will take players all around the world from the mountains of Colorado to the bright lights of Shanghai. There are 50 licensed cars to choose from, six Drag Tracks and six Circuit Tracks. Three of the tracks included are even based on real-world races.

POGO is an accessible mobile racing game that brings real-world vehicles and tracks to the casual gamer. The simple seat-of-your-pants One Touch racing mechanic is built for high-speed racing thrills on the go with realistic graphics and high-quality sound effects. Designed for motorhead grease monkeys and casual gamers alike, POGO will allow users to personalize and tune cars through easy-to-use comprehensive customization options. Options include various paints, patterns and liveries, alongside parts and upgrades, all of which can be added to the licensed vehicles in the game.

Players can accumulate and expand their automobile collection from real-world cars and brands ranging from historic racing pedigrees to futuristic concept models. Vehicle classes such as GT3, Open-Wheel, Prototype, Road and more are available to test skills on real-life racetracks and drag strips including:

Project CARS GO is a mobile racing game that takes all of the difficult elements of racing and simplifies them for all users while maintaining an aspect of realism. With real-to-life tracks and licensed officially licensed race cars, Project CARS GO becomes a fun, casual racing experience that connects casual fans with varying degrees of interest in motor sports.

Despite announcing that Project Cars Go would arrive on the 23rd, the game is here a day early. You can already download the title from the Play Store listing, though it would appear the servers won't be up for another hour. I suppose this is an easy way for the publisher to get everyone to cover the release before the game can be played, though it's not like it's hard to assume what kind of in-app-purchase-infested junk is contained within this one-tap racer. Still, if you're like to see for yourself how this CSR clone stacks up, you can grab a copy of Project Cars Go through the Play Store widget at the bottom of the page.

If you are just a normal player like me, this function only increases aesthetics because I only know how to change some stickers and car horns. But for those guys who specialize in cars, the deep customization for the car is a paradise of discovery. You can even take advantage of the stops in the track to continue customizing your car again if the situation is not favorable.

Music is also an important card in racing games. You can not compete excitedly on the melancholy music, or the romantic surrounding mountains cannot match an old rock song. It is said that the music library has thousands of tracks, pre-copyrighted for use only for this cross-platform racing project. That is, I have not mentioned that there are several music segments that are cut to connect two or three songs to one track.

In the default mode, the game allows you to download for free, players will join the major races in the tournament called World Tour. And if you feel that is not enough, you can choose a recurring payment mode to explore large, complex, and more challenging tracks such as Time Trials and Daily Invitationals. In these modes, you will play online and compete with other online players in the same system.

You can compete with the computer, as well as with other players. Races are held against the background of picturesque places or iconic world landmarks. There are many cars from more simple to supercars that you can buy in the course of the game.

Project CARS officially releases today in Europe and Australia in physical copies, and worldwide as a digital download via Steam. Those residing in the UK only have one more day to wait, while residents in North America will have to wait until next week Tuesday, May 12th to purchase a physical copy of the game.

Career they just give u cars and u race notin else and u cannot choose cars. And u must start with carts. But I dont like race with carts. Game just dont give you any choice. yes its good looks and all but its not real career. and gt7 just will be gt and not other racer. Its good game but assetto is good too and I have it too. Its just not take you for hours into it. And thats main thing in games realy. gt4 I played for about 6-7 years and it didint get boring.

No matter how good it looks it mostly just online racing without need to buy cars . and career is just practice for online racers. So for people who enjoy mx5 , s2000 or honda cr-z its not racing game for them. Yes I will play it with P1 or other super cars as they sound amazing and all but after that what to do in this game? After that I will go back play gt6 online events and dirt rally.

Its have that shift2 soul in it still. AI is mad and sometimes cars just dont wanna stay on road. Too much unstable so its lot of work to keep car on track. But sometimes its fun. We need diff kind of games

The PowerPoint presentations used today are available for download from the file download box in the lower right corner of your screen. The presentations will also be available online within the next few weeks, along with a recording and a transcript of today's webinar. I will notify all attendees once these materials are posted online.

One thing that's interesting to look at is whether work zone fatalities have decreased because of reasons not having anything necessarily to do with the work zones. For instance, are roads getting safer out there? Are there better devices in cars that help preserve lives? If we look at how work zone fatality data tracks against some other data, we see that work zone fatalities have decreased at a greater rate than overall fatalities during a time when VMT have increased and during a time when more work is being done under traffic. It is interesting to look at those pieces of data and realize that even though there's more traffic on our roads, even though cars are safer, and even though we have more work on our roads, we are still seeing a positive trend in work zones that goes beyond what we see in the other areas of data.


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